Fence Staining

H & B Fencing Company, Serving Houston Metro and Surrounding Areas

Our team at H & B Fencing Company offers a full range of professional staining services for your fence, gates and even your back deck. We use top quality products and staining colors to ensure the final product looks amazing. Plus, we’ve developed an exclusive relationship with our stain supplier to help keep your cost as low as possible. Whether your fence is old or new, or if we install it for you, a proper staining will always extend the life of your wood fence, deck or gate.

Have an Old Gray Fence? Staining Can Help.

Before tearing down and replacing older fences let us offer you our Fence Staining service, we always inspect them first. Sometimes, a client might think it’s time for a replacement when we can actually provide a much less expensive option that uses a process similar to stripping and restaining the floors in your home.

We’ll start by pressure washing and cleaning your fence to strip off the outer gray or dark brown “skin”. At this point your fence or deck will look new again and only require a topcoat of stain to last for years to come. We offer semi-transparent and transparent fence stain, solid base stain, as well as transparent and solid deck stain in a wide variety of colors. We can even help point you in the right direction for your staining options to make certain it turns out how you imagine it in your mind.